online article: Should Linux vendors think differently?

Duncan Anderson duncangareth at
Tue Oct 11 08:13:08 CDT 2005

Eric Dunbar wrote:

>I read the article and must say that it's not an assessment that's
>that far off the mark, _currently_ (maybe Breezy will fix that for
>On 10/11/05, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at> wrote:
>>Ubuntu has a very brief presence in the article: "and Ubuntu -- my other
>>favorite desktop Linux -- has yet to produce a version that will even
>>install on my home PC."
>>I wonder what are the technical problem with the author's computer.

I have to say that this guy has a point or two. I have found that Ubuntu 
does not like several of the machines I've tried it on recently. I dare 
say that other systems would also have been problematic too. I am not 
trying to slag off Ubuntu, but I think it does falter somewhat in the 
autodetection of cheaper graphics hardware, among other things.

I can't give you any really concrete examples right now, but this has 
been my experience since I first tried Ubuntu. I have to say this, 
though: It HAS installed perfectly on several other machines.

Unfortunately, in certain cases I have had to use Mandrake or SUSe, both 
of which have a certain "proprietariness" about them, which I don't 
like. If Ubuntu could be as adept at detecting hardware as 
Mandrake/Mandriva, I would probably use it every time.

Since most hardware is specifically designed to support a well known 
brand of neocolonialist spyware, getting any form of Linux to install 
without a hitch is quite an achievement.


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