South African Bandwidth

john levin john at
Sun Oct 9 04:48:13 CDT 2005

Thanks for the information.

In this context, I see that the cds and freedom toaster are especially 


Marius Bock wrote:
> John
> Bandwidth in South Africa is basically controlled by a monopolistic 
> telecommunications company called Telkom.  The people in SA that has 
> Internet and that is a small % do it via dial-up (56K analog or 64K 
> ISDN).  We do have ADSL but it is very expensive -- start from 192Kb up 
> to 1024Kb with line rental cost of $40 to $101.  On top of this you have 
> to pay around $30 for 3GB bandwidth.  When you have used your 3GB of 
> bandwidth you basically get cut of from the Internet.
> I have read somewhere that one of the reasons Mark (sabdfl) gave for 
> moving to London was the situation recarding bandwidth and telecoms in 
> SA -- correct me if I am wrong here Mark.
> To get an better idea about the situation visit 
>, also have a look at the forums on that site.
> Marius

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