Ubuntu and Debian, round 9 million

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski emil.oppeln.bronikowski at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 08:18:40 CDT 2005

2005/10/3, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at canonical.com>:

>   http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarkShuttleworth

Your link's b0rken: "at least, the money we spend on open source
development and on tools for open source developers, like <a
href="[WWW] http://launchpad.net/">Launchpad</a>)". And the part with
"Is Ubuntu a Debian fork? Or spoon? What sort of silverware are you,
man?" should start and end up with: I don't give a fork. ;->

Anyway, nice FAQ. :-D

 Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski, http://bronikowski.com

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