The Oregon Country Fair

Edward Craig epcraig at
Sat Jan 29 03:25:06 CST 2005

Once upon a time,  about 35 years ago. some hippies in Eugene, Oregon,
came together to raise funds for the local Waldorf  school and held a
Renaissance Faire.  This went well enough for repeats, eventually on
the Fair's own land. The Waldorf School got out of the Faire business
fast, I think before the owners of "Renaissance Faire"  brought up 
trademark infringement and amicably settled as the Oregon Country Fair
was born.
Upon a more recent time the Eugene Unix and GNU/Linux User Group
(EUGLUG} found volunteers to go to the Fair and give out Linux CDs,
documentation, and trade show swag as available.
We gave out at least 250 SuSE 8.0 and 8.1 boxed sets at the 2003 OCF, 
but we lost touch with SUSE during the Novell acquisition, and we've
actually found Ubuntu easier to push, even without hardcopy manuals.
So, how do we go about guaranteeing EUGLUG about 300 Hoary Hedgehogs
by the end of June?
"Think this through with me. Let me know your mind" Hunter/Garcia

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