The Horror :)

Mary Gardiner mary-sounder at
Sat Jan 1 18:46:57 CST 2005

On Sat, Jan 01, 2005, Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski wrote:
>  I've just resubscribed from another account (my main account, not some 
> free one I'm using to harvest spam;-) and I must say it's sooo boring to 
> click everything, wait for e-mails and setup fiters again. Maybe Mailman 
> could use a ,,Resubscribe my account'' option? Now I have to remove my 
> old account from all mailing lists. Or maybe there is an Mailman admin 
> here, and he could drop kewlopi at wp dot pl? :)

Mailman 2.1 has a "change email address" option.

I login at down at the
bottom of the page.

Put in my password on the next page.

Then on the meberrship page I put in my new email address at the "Changing
your sounder membership information", and click the "Change globally"
checkbox to change my address on all the lists.

I believe there is a confirmation message though.


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