Ubuntu at LinuxTag 2005

Tim Fuchs tim.fuchs at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 10:27:19 CST 2005


LinuxTag seems to be one of the most important Linux expos worldwide,
at least their website states this. I spent one day there last year
and it was really interesting. The slogan was "Where .com meets .org",
and there was really a broad range of Companys and Projects (Including
Debian, Gnome, Gentoo, Novell, Microsoft(!)...).

Another great thing about LinuxTag is, that community projects can get
their own booth for free, with some requirements of course, but none
Ubuntu couldn't fulfifl.

So, long story short: what about a Ubuntu booth at LinuxTag 2005? I
already set up a wiki page ages ago, but I got no feedback, hopefully
I reach more people on this list. The wiki page is here however:

greets, tim

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