HP machines with Ubuntu??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Sat Dec 31 22:31:42 GMT 2005

Some times ago I heard a marvelous news about HP about to market
machines with Ubuntu pre-installed, for HOME users (not businesses), in
Europe. How overjoyed I was.
But it's been some time now, and I still can't see any Ubuntu machine in
their on-line catalogue for France. I browsed all their desktop and
laptop pages and found only "Designed for Microsoft Windows XP" tags.

I then typed "Linux" in their search box, and although it looked very
encouraging wrt to how HP envisages Linux, they mentioned only Red Hat,
Sudse and Mandrake/Mandriva, never Ubuntu. And even then, it was all
about corporate desktop machines and/or workstations, but never the home

In a last attempt, I put "Ubuntu" in their search box, which didn't
return a single page ! 

So I am very disappointed ! :o(

Did I misunderstand HP's intentions ?! Or is it just that they have not
yet started marketing Ubuntu machines, maybe they are waiting for
Dapper ??


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