seen on "Ubuntu for AMD64 not 'there' yet "

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sat Dec 31 20:25:25 GMT 2005

Daniel Robitaille wrote:

>"Ubuntu for AMD64 not 'there' yet"
>Since I have never tried the AMD64 Ubuntu port, I'm thus not in
>position to comment on the article :)
It's a good report because it describes the issues he had in enough
detail for us to be able to do something about them. I've cc'd some of
the core developers who touch the parts he mentions. Some of the issues
are because he is trying to install external software on Breezy that was
not compiled for it - acrobat, mozilla and nero. In those cases I
imagine we are close to being a standard target build for those
companies that the problems will disappear, though we may need to go a
little bit further to convince them to do amd64 and ppc builds too.

The hotplug USB 2.0 drive concerns me, it should have worked out of the
box. Pitti, could you contact the author and see if you can resolve that


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