Forums vs Mailing Lists

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Dec 24 20:36:07 GMT 2005

Michael Shigorin wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 03:18:33PM -0700, Scott wrote:

>> As far as news is concerned, that's what I really miss from
>> "the old days".  Usenet is almost forgotten now.
> Yeah, albeit gmane is quite a benefit to those who can't part
> their beloved but completely thread-blind mail reader (or back
> it up with another account specifically for lists ;-) to still
> get thread-enabled discussion.

I don't know about that - my mail program does threads just fine, but I
prefer to use gmane and a newsreader for all computer-related lists.  

>> As online discussions go,  nothing beats Usenet.  

I agree.  The day I discovered gmane, I unsubscribed from all the lists I
could find on gmane, and started reading them via nntp.

>> I find it 
>> more manageable than mailing lists.  I realize the Ubuntu lists
>> can be read via feeds to, but that's not the
>> same thing as reading them from say, news.
> Psycologically?  Ah, it's a matter of habit.  If you really care,
> you might propose to arrange that, pulling the newsgroups off
> gmane and redistributing them from that host (also presumably
> shepherding the changes with new lists being routed there and
> maybe administering that inn [VPS]).

I don't see a good reason for that.  Unlike the forums, gmane _does_ gate
well to the lists, and I love having a single source for almost all my
technical lists.  I see no advantage to a - unless you
scrap lists altogether and just go with nntp.

I just wish the 2 remaining lists I'm subscribed to were on gmane.

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