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ulrich steffens ulrich at
Sat Dec 24 13:44:42 GMT 2005

Am Samstag, den 24.12.2005, 12:35 +0100 schrieb Anders Karlsson:
> Hi,
> Just thought I'd weigh in on this with the recent flurry oy mails on
> Ubuntu User. I have decided that posts coming through from the forums
> that are not geniune questions, are best ignored.
> I question the idea of linking the mailing-lists and the forums as
> people post inflamatory posts to the maililnglists through the forum,
> just so they can do it anonymously.
> Just my €0.02...
> --
> Anders Karlsson <trudheim at>

i'll second that. (and the lovely mail vincent composed ;)

even though i had a positive encounter and some forumpost answered my
question on the list, i also consider 90% of them as noise.
not because i'm eliterian (?), cause most of the posts are plain useless
to the list AND to the forums.

on a technical note, i doubt that a forum suits the needs for dealing
with a list like ubuntu-users and its traffic. 
following the recent/open discussions on the list through the forum in a
SANE way, is -at least in my opinion- impossible.

and while forumusers easily can post to the list, listusers can not post
to the forum. so i have to ask:

what's all the fuzz about, lately? personally i don't see ANY problem in
having list and forum seperated. and why question developers for not
participating to the forums? ?
as i see it in other posts, the community sometimes tries to consume
everything they can get. i'm not saying that you'll always have to sit
quietly and watch the 'masters' play, but i also understand freedom,
that it applies to both the communty AND the developers, which can be
part of that communty, but the moment they actually decide something, it
strangely turns to 'us (the community) and them'. 

ah well, time for the dishes ;)


p.s.: please bear my english, me is kraut.
ulrich steffens
ulrich at

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