Ubuntu is not being attacked

Paul O'Malley ompaul at eircom.net
Sat Dec 24 02:43:57 GMT 2005

Hi there,

I really thought that some other thread was a little misguided so I 
thought I would post this little ditty here.

(1) I got fed up reading some other thread.
(2) Should you require an MTA in YOUR distro from the off you have many 
choices ;-)
(A) first proviso, once installed if you have the 20 or so seconds it 
takes to type
 >>>sudo apt-get install postfix<<<
Then Ubuntu in its current config will do you nicely
(B) second proviso, if you can't wait that long what exactly are you 
doing and why does your "deployment box" not have the MTA there already?
(3) Anyway you look at it there was a scripting opportunity lost there.
(A) naming convention later
(B) a script for installing the parts that refresh you more than the 
default install :-)

NR: Here endit the thread cos the naming convention is deferred.

Really I can't see a problem.

If you need it you most likely have the skills, if you don't ......... 
[too many options chat.freenode.net #unbuntu being one of them]
If you need a server grade Ubuntu there is the Server install and you 
can choose mail and or lots of other sweeties there.

It is a bit like the sudo argument, a fait accompli, and perchance pro 
bono publico.

Of interest to readers might be this back in my FreeBSD using days I 
used to enjoy removing sendmail and installing postfix. As we go forward 
maybe there will be a better MTA presenting more freedom to choose, 
unlike propriety solutions with or without the XML.


Paul O'Malley
Open Source On My Desktop Since '94, et tu?

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