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Michael Shigorin mike at
Tue Dec 20 10:02:43 GMT 2005

On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 08:26:10PM +0000, Tristan Wibberley wrote:
> I *would* get rid things like gnome-top and cpu/network
> monitoring applets from the CD (I don't know if those are on
> there), I would also get rid of half the desktop preferences
> and just give them a couple of "profiles" in the system menu
> for accessibility themes vs standard. And put an "Advanced
> Desktop Configuration Menu" in the "Add Applications" list to
> make it easy to get the Preferences menu.

It's also about user level to some harsh degree.  E.g. Mandrake 7.x
would allow for choosing being "novice" or "expert", and that was
almost good -- just that ALT has figured the fact most newbies
would like to consider themselves "experts" and then ask silly
questions on a bit more tightly secured system (like wheel-only
su and sudo).

The solution was to move the "expert" choice right to the boot
menu so that pressenter types would just skip it altogether --
and not calling an alternative "novice" ;-)

That's because Aunt Polly might be more comfortable with what you
advise but e.g. I wasn't comfortable with full default Breezy
install at all. (it's no problem since it was considered basing
on previous reading)

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