isn't it done already?

Michael Shigorin mike at
Mon Dec 19 18:40:32 GMT 2005

On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 08:53:59AM -0500, Eric Dunbar wrote:
> (I like it sometimes, but, on the whole I don't... it simply
> doesn't make for smooth work flow... I find it to be a
> "novelty" item).

Oh no.  Please find no poor excuse for your flawed taste!
(pun intended)

Re "novelty", I'd better re-check twm.  But either you're talking
of *really* ancient stuff, or the item just isn't, or my memory
fails me that much. :)

> There is one place where I do see a *real* advantage to
> menu-in-window and that's on those ginormous screens (1600*1200
> & up). There you can safely have menu-in-window without
> sacrificing screen real-estate.

Hey are you working with 640x480?  1600x1200 is just fine
a resolution, delivering perfectly good ~100 dpi at 21" CRT;
and there are decent 1400x1050+ 15+" TFTs in numbers these days.

Advocating for single-app workarounds of Mac II days is a lost
cause when former high-end workstation grade display hardware is
somewhat more realistic at home.  As much as I like MacOS
Classic, just can't agree on that.

> I am NOT advocating that GNOME abandon menu bar-in-window (and,
> judging by your past post, I know Tollef that you don't see the world
> in black-and-white... can't say the same for all Linux adherents :-(.
> I merely see room for a competing menu bar-in-screen paradigm.

I do remember that in either KDE2 or the GNOME a few years ago.
The mode was switched to by some quite reasonably named switch 
in some kind of control center.  Aren't you slamming an open
door, accidentally? :)

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