blog entry: "Installation Face Off: Linux or Windows"

Michael Shigorin mike at
Fri Dec 16 13:10:25 GMT 2005

On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 01:55:06AM +1100, Peter Garrett wrote:
> What, really, is intuitive about dragging little icons around,
> or clicking on them to execute programs?

We have had a kind of an argument in this exact room with
a CIO of a customer once upon a time.  Well not exactly an
*argument* but rather vivid discussion as we both graduated 
the same lyceum and things went simpler ;-)

He mentioned someone calling CLI a "brain damage" and after 
some half an hour explained that it wasn't in offensive context
but rather inducing that being technical involves having a bit
skewed thinking process.

After that, I agreed; but added "well then computers are BD".

Commanding tools to do things, or dragging stuff around,
is a matter of getting used to IMHO.  One of a few reasons 
that seem valid "pro" marketers is predictiveness of GUI
compared to CLI: manpage could try and cite its relevant piece 
when shell user is typing an argument.

Actually I might have started using zsh due to being convincible
by such arguments like "it's usable and helpful but not obtrusive
or patronizing" :)

> And how does this further anyone's understanding of the
> machine? 

Is it the purpose?

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