A full review of Warty test 7 (text-only)

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Fri Aug 27 10:11:51 CDT 2004

<quote who="Sebastien Bacher">

> > Also, there's a broken Wifi applet and a broken battery applet. Indeed,
> > I've no Wifi and no more battery... Not pretty to see N/D things at the
> > start... 
> Yes, need some work. Jeff, could you remind me what's exactly the plan for
> these applets ?

The goal was to make them bail out on first startup if the hardware (battery
or wifi) was not available. I'll chat to you on IRC about this.

> > (surpinsingly, there's no Epiphany ! and Firefox is only the 0.8 !
> > Laaaaame.. I want firefox 0.9.3 with the super-extra-heavy plugin
> > extension that allow you to plug your fridge on your webbrowser... 3l33t
> > p0w444 !)
> Hum, not sure about this ... Jeff ?

Matt and I were talking about this earlier today, with the added benefit of
Thom screaming in pain during the discussion, as he was trying to do Firefox
security updates.

It comes down to this: If we're going to ship Firefox by default, we need
the latest versions synced - which Matt has agreed to; now we have 0.9.3 in
the archive - and some love from the Mozilla Foundation (which I'm working
on). Otherwise, there's no point switching. :-)

> > Well, after looking around, I find that the file was in my HOME folder.
> > But there's no HOME icon on the desktop. I know that it is a choice, but
> > it could be difficult to assume fully this choice since a lot of
> > applications will use the HOME as default.
> We have to patch all these apps to use ~/Documents instead. But first I
> should make the changes to add the Documents place on the default nautilus
> desktop.

The browsers should really be patched to use ~/Desktop for their default
download location. I'll assign bugs to myself for this.

Thanks again for the review, Lionel!

- Jeff

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