A full review of Warty test 7 (text-only)

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at debian.org
Fri Aug 27 09:57:05 CDT 2004

Le vendredi 27 août 2004 à 16:45 +0200, Lionel (Ploum) Dricot a écrit :

> As you can see on the screenshot, there's no applications shortcuts on
> the panel. A bit difficult to start..

yes, was a bug, should be fixed now:

gnome-panel ( warty; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/04_default_panel_config.patch:
    - Patch remade in a proper way: fix the launchers in the top panel,
      add the trahsapplet to the default config.

> Also, the wallpaper seems too thin for my screen. (see the two blue bar
> above and at the bottom).

Yes, the wallpaper fit only on 4/3 ratio ... perhaps we should turn the
default to stretched ?

> An error box suddenly popup on my screen : "could not start the printer
> tray icon because cups could not be contacted"

The debian package of gnome-cups-manager is patched to not display this
message, I'll apply the patch in warty too.

> Also, there's a broken Wifi applet and a broken battery applet. Indeed,
> I've no Wifi and no more battery... Not pretty to see N/D things at the
> start... 

Yes, need some work. Jeff, could you remind me what's exactly the plan
for these applets ?

> First, I try email with evolution. I use it every day so I know that evo
> 1.5 is a great software. Be just aware about this little displying bug
> when warning you about using an experimental software.

This bug is due to the french translation, I'll fix it upstream.

> It's now time for web browsing ( interschrub.net to buy online
> schrubbery). No quicklaunch icon so I must dive in the applications
> menu... 

Yes, that's fix (see the top of the mail).

> (surpinsingly, there's no Epiphany ! and Firefox is only the 0.8 !
> Laaaaame.. I want firefox 0.9.3 with the super-extra-heavy plugin
> extension that allow you to plug your fridge on your webbrowser... 3l33t
> p0w444 !)

Hum, not sure about this ... Jeff ?

> Well, after looking around, I find that the file was in my HOME folder.
> But there's no HOME icon on the desktop. I know that it is a choice, but
> it could be difficult to assume fully this choice since a lot of
> applications will use the HOME as default.

We have to patch all these apps to use ~/Documents instead. But first I
should make the changes to add the Documents place on the default
nautilus desktop.

> I found that I can see my HOME by the "places" menu in nautilus. I
> double-click on the ogg : nothing happens.

Nothing at all ? If you right click on a file what's the first choice in
the list ?

> (Damn, I hate Rhythmbox, and I know why... I suggest that, by default,
> the music player were Totem. It's only MHO)

What's the problem with rhythmbox ?

> I know that those file are maybe poorly encoded (sine I made it myself)
> but the vast majority of files on the internet are poorly encoded too.
> Since those files play without problems on Totem-xine, mplayer and VLC,
> I think that this is a gstreamer bug. 

Yes, gstreamer is not really good at playing videos for the moment ...

Thanks for the review !


Sebastien Bacher

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