Applet item side-effect of new menu items...

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Aug 26 11:41:58 CDT 2004

Le vendredi 27 août 2004 à 12:25 +1000, Jeff Waugh a écrit :
> ie. stuff from the new Computer menu that has also appeared as items you can
> add to your panel. Perhaps we should set these up so that they don't appear
> there? 

Yes, I've noticed that too, but had no time to look on this for the
moment though ...

> I'm sure some of the locations ones might be useful, but it's going
> to get tricky when:

>  b) We have the current volume set in the menu (as requested by Mark), or
>     the file selector bookmarks list, both of which are dynamic -> this is
>     going to be quite confusing. ;-)

Yeah ...

BTW I've not convinced about the volumes/bookmarks places in the menu.
Sometime ago I've set the script from hal to +x, now my
computer menu has about 10 icons (basically all the partitions on my
disks + the devices), and having these 10 entries + the places + the
bookmarks would make a long and ugly menu ... 


Sebastien Bacher

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