Installation Report

Jeff Waugh jdub at
Sun Aug 15 19:29:36 CDT 2004

<quote who="jorge o. castro">

> Installation was completed with no issues, almost identical to the sarge
> install I had previously done on the laptop. I like that it defaulted to
> asking me only a few questions vs. the sarge installer.

Great! We'll be cutting it down even more before September. :-)

> * Using g-v-m I was able to launch totem when I inserted a DVD. Totem sat
> there, probably because of lack of codecs, and then crashed. I don't know
> what warty's goal is wrt codecs and whatnot vs. legal issues, just thought
> I'd mention it.

I've added this to the FAQ list. We haven't finalised what we're doing on
this front just yet, but during our meeting here in Oxford, we'll be having
a licensing/legal BOF. Hopefully we'll have a final decision after that.

> * It would be nice to have the bitstream fonts selected for the desktop
> by default.

We can't choose Vera, because it doesn't have *really* good glyph coverage,
but we will choose a better default that does.

> * Desktop Preferences Menu Entry is getting crowded these days, but you
> removed the HUGE debian menu, which is good.

That's *definitely* going to be fixed up. ;-)

Thanks very much for the report!

- Jeff

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