Porting snappy core 16.04 to device

Marco Tangl Marco.Tangl at dewetron.com
Thu Mar 24 12:29:35 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

I am facing a big problem when generating 16.04 snappy core images (generic-amd64).
We've already running 15.04 core images on our devices, and now we wanted to update them to 16.04.
Unfortunately without any success so far ....

ubuntu-device-flash core rolling -channel edge -o xxx my-generated-file.img

? Determining oem configuration

? Generic-amd64 failed to install: snappy package not found

Did you move files, changed anything else?

Build system properties:

-          4.4.0-15-generic (Xenial 16.04)

-          x86_64

-          ubuntu-device-flash -> 0.33-0ubuntu2

Please give me an advice what I am doing wrong.
Maybe there's also already any documentation for porting 16.04 available??

Many thanks in advance,


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