snap.yaml change landed

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Thu Jan 28 13:19:24 UTC 2016


we have landed support for meta/snap.yaml. This is the new internal
metadata format of a snap. It is cleaner than the previously used
meta/package.yaml and meta/ and it also provides the required
syntax for the new skill (capabilities) system.

Snapcraft will manage most of this for you automatically. See also:

For those interessted in the details, here are the key difference:

- meta/ is gone and replaced with "summary" and
  "description" in meta/snap.yaml
- the icon location must be meta/icon.{svg,png}
- the "binaries" and "services" key is gone, the new key is "apps"
  and it is a map instead of a list (much easier to read)
- the security-* profiles are handled now by a "migration-skill".
  The keys under the migration skill definition are the same as
  the old security fields, for convenience when migrating.

Here is an example of the old `meta/package.yaml`:

name: hello
version: 1.0
 - name: foo
   security-template: template-one
 - name: bar
   security-template: template-two

and the new `meta/snap.yaml`:

name: hello
version: 1.0
summary: A friendly hello application
        command: foo
        uses: [migration-one]
        command: bar
        uses: [migration-two]
        type: migration-skill
        security-template: template-one
        type: migration-skill
        security-template: template-two

As the skills system evolves the security handling will be transitioned.
This will be announced here.

Note that "frameworks" are supported currently in the meta/snap.yaml
to make the transition easier. These will eventually be handled via
skills as well.

If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, please let me


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