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On 15 January 2016 at 19:38, Jamie Strandboge <jamie at> wrote:

On 01/13/2016 08:24 AM, Michael Vogt wrote:
> ...
> > - Uses squashfs snaps only
> >
> > The switch to squashfs only is important for us. But it does mean that
> > for some days the store support will be limited until the store is
> > updated. Until this update is rolled out you can upload either to
> > 15.04 or rolling. There is no support for snaps with the same name
> > that support both releases. As an easy workaround you can sideload to
> > your 16.04 image or just use a different name for the snap in the
> > store until the store implements support for having different snaps
> > for the different releases (it won't take very long).
> >
> What is the status of this?
> snappy-debug was in rolling but was an ar-format snap (as are quite a few
> other
> rolling snaps in the store). sergiusens and I got snappy-debug 0.11
> squashfs-format uploaded to rolling/edge for now (which keeps 0.10 in
> stable
> fine). For now, people can install it with:
> $ sudo snappy install snappy-debug/edge
> Is there a plan to nuke all the ar-format snaps in the store?
> ​If “ar-format” snaps is the same as “debclick” snaps, then yes - mvo was
looking into removing the rolling* releases from the set of snaps
<> that are not planned to be switched
to squashfs, but since we don’t control most of them he wanted to get in
touch with the affected devs directly or send an announcement first. This
looks like just such an announcement, but I’ll let mvo confirm. If we are
to do this on behalf of the developers, I suggested an RT for audit, which
someone from the Store team with admin access would be able to action. ​
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