New all-snap images available

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Wed Jan 13 14:24:35 UTC 2016


I'm happy to announce a new set of images for the all-snap

The images are available here: [1]

together with the matching ubuntu-device-flash based on

The difference from the previous all-snap images is that the goal is
to keep them upgradable on amd64 all the way to 16.04-final.

The highlights:
- Uses kernel/OS snaps with the final names [2]
- Uses /snaps as the base location for all installed snaps
- Uses squashfs snaps only

The switch to squashfs only is important for us. But it does mean that
for some days the store support will be limited until the store is
updated. Until this update is rolled out you can upload either to
15.04 or rolling. There is no support for snaps with the same name
that support both releases. As an easy workaround you can sideload to
your 16.04 image or just use a different name for the snap in the
store until the store implements support for having different snaps
for the different releases (it won't take very long).

Existing xenial system-image based images will not receive updates
anymore but will continue to work.

Please let us know if you notice any issues!


[1] Hashes:
d8596380187880859fd6f390d56b854dc1cd0052e4067114dc9c195fe9a133a4 amd64-all-snap.img.xz
5085009f88243be2a5a63e8d16003324452ccc01258aafff9807ac7e46aacc50 rpi2-all-snap.img.xz
40931075520bf3d59c0feefd1fa7ec7eb33eb885103281cda44f2ac757df00a9 ubuntu-device-flash

[2] The pi2 image contains an "ubuntu-core-armhf" OS snap that we will
    be renamed to ubuntu-core once the store supports that.
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