snapcraft 2.0 yaml changes affecting the review tools, store and snappy and snapcraft itself.

Sergio Schvezov sergio.schvezov at
Mon Jan 11 20:40:46 UTC 2016

A yaml change to follow the new internal format and unify some of the
language that we were using has just landed in master[1]. I've created to track
affected components.

So what does this mean:

- binaries and services are now just apps
- the additional keywords for licenses have changed.
- frameworks are no longer allowed (in preparation for capabilities). The
reason is, among all others, we don't want to lead people down a path that
will soon no longer exist.
- given the former, framework-policy is no longer allowed.
- security-override, security-policy and caps will still be allowed until
the capabilities feature lands.
- A snap.yaml is generated, but for backwards compatibility, a package.yaml
and is also created.

Work items:
- the store should start parsing snap.yaml
- snappy can begin its migration away from package.yaml and
- review tools should start checking snap.yaml (maybe warn about
package.yaml and

Once this is done, we will remove the backwards compatible (transitional)
package.yaml and

As a reminder and as stated before, snapcraft 2.0 targets Xenial Xerus
(16.04) and will be released regularly only to the xenial archives.


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