Kernel and Gadget Specification

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sun Apr 24 16:20:42 UTC 2016

We started discussing this in detail in Santa Cruz, and I'm
uncomfortable with a blanket setting aside of the steps we took there.
I'm very definitely uncomfortable with stripping out the gadget snap,
since we know what it needs to do, and publishing an ubuntu Core without
the flexibility gadget snaps afford is problematic.


On 20/04/16 21:25, Gustavo Niemeyer wrote:
> Hello all,
> There's quite a bit of anxiety towards releasing device images that can run
> Snappy 2.0, and at the same time there is significant concern that we'll
> release something that will soon break due to the pending design of the new
> kernel and gadget format.
> On that basis, this is a proposal for a minimal specification for these
> snaps that will solve both of these issues:
> Note that the kernel snap remains as rich as it is today, simply polishing
> the way we specify the details slightly.
> The gadget snap, on the other hand, is being completely stripped out. We'll
> internally define a minimal working setup, and will reintroduce the
> flexibility gradually under a polished layout without breaking any existent
> deployments.
> Comments?
> gustavo @

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