Snapcraft now on GitHub too

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Oct 29 18:18:29 UTC 2015


Am Donnerstag, den 29.10.2015, 15:50 -0200 schrieb Gustavo Niemeyer:
> Hello again Snappers,
> We've just completed the move of the
> source code of Snapcraft into GitHub as well:

so with all this partially moving to github, how will users now report
bugs ? ... specifically in snappy a bug very rarely is against snappy
alone, but usually against a component on the rootfs in combination with
a fix in snappy (i.e. a new writable path is needed in the image for a
snappy config option or a change to the defaults of a debian package is
needed to make a specific snappy feature work).

we will not be able to move all our components (distro deb packages) to
github to have combined bugs there so we need to ask users to have two
accounts and file bugs in two places (even if you would use an upstream
task in launchpad to have a combined bug the user would have to file a
github issue first) 

specifically for snapcraft which we intend to ship by default, will
ubuntu-bug/apport start to file github issues when an automated bug
report is generated ? 

while it might be good for projects to be on github to generate more
contributions (simply because you have a larger drive by audience), what
are the plans for bug reports and merge proposals (which in LP often are
linked directly with bugs) in this whole migration process ? i dont
think i have seen any planning for all this ...

will github just be a code pool but all bug handling stays on
launchpad ? do we have some rules here ? 


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