Capabilities implementation begins

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Wed Nov 11 18:16:59 UTC 2015

Continuing that series of emails bringing up attention to imminent
16.04-related changes coming into snappy, capabilities are a topic that
Zygumnt already raised a couple of days ago here in the list, so I'll just
clarify a bit what they are so you can jump on board if you're interested.

Snappy capabilities are the way in which snappy will associate and
authorize access to resources in a system from individual snaps. If you
have used snappy to some degree, you most likely have dealt with the
hwassign command to give some snap access to some particular device.
Capabilities are the polished version of that feature which is both simpler
to use and at the same time more flexible in that it will allow automatic
assignments, different kinds of behavior and metadata to be exchanged, and
so on.

If you're interested, please watch upcoming work by Zygmunt here:

We're also very much interested in hearing how people feel about the
interfaces we're putting in place as that work starts to surface. Please do
let us know.

Thanks again.

gustavo @
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