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Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Nov 4 06:29:50 UTC 2015

On 03/11/15 22:47, Ted Gould wrote:
> It seems that list is longer than what we actually want to promise to S
> nap developers that they can access. But, as far as I can tell, we
> don't have a definitive list of what we're promising to be provided by
> the OS Snap.

We do, it's called "Ubuntu Server" ;)

The Ubuntu Core OS snap should include, with very few deltas each of
which should be documented and explained, the same set of things as a
vanilla Ubuntu Server image on AWS or GCE, or on your server if you just
install Ubuntu Server with no extra packages. I think we've wandered
around and about a bit for no good reason, with individuals making
arbitrary decisions to delta that; but for all of our users sanity
please just put the same bits down everywhere. Bluntly, unless Dustin or
I ack a delta, it shouldn't be a delta. This goes for:

 * vanilla Ubuntu server as installed with D-I or other installers
 * Ubuntu images on the cloud (its not "Ubuntu Cloud" its just "Ubuntu
 * LXD images
 * Ubuntu installed by MAAS
 * Ubuntu Core OS snap


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