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Fri Jul 24 02:20:56 UTC 2015


I am new to Snappy, but have read much of the docs and tried it for a few
No problems and it looks simple so far, but I had a few questions about
managing snaps.

On [1] I get a feeling for how the base system itself is updated. But is
this entirely managed with the "ubuntu-core" snap? So if I run "snappy
update ubuntu-core" it will download a new image (if any) to the passive
partition? Or are there other snaps that should be updated as part of the
base system as well (I see "generic-amd64" which sounds like a base snap).
Any other software that comprises a base system update?

Furthermore, assuming base system update goes well, I should reboot to the
other partition. Is there a preferred method do this (I see a
--automatic-reboot option to snappy update) or will the regular "shutdown
-r now" do the job well enough?

Is there a way to see which snaps can be updated? I am looking for
something similar to "apt-get -s upgrade". Or would this be the difference
in version between "snappy list -v" and "snappy search"?

Finally, is there a way for software to manage snaps, just like you can
being logged in as superuser with the "snappy" command? I am planning to
make an application that can update and manage snaps. Supposedly it would
either need to be part of the base OS (which I guess is unlikely it would
be allowed to) or it would have to be packaged as a snap with special
privileges (perhaps as a framework)?

Thanks for reading to the end and appreciate any help! :)



Eystein Stenberg
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