RFC: Comfy - a CLI framework to bring the Ubuntu cloud feeling to snappy Ubuntu Core

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 13 13:00:46 UTC 2015

Am Dienstag, den 13.01.2015, 13:51 +0100 schrieb Alexander Sack:

> >>     + ?: ureadahead - on first glance feels unlikely needed if we dont
> >> need in the core system itself
> >
> > Not necessary, doesn't work under systemd anyway.
> ... and gone :)
UGH ... is there any replacement that allows "burst loading of files" on
boot in the systemd world ? 
on armhf HW with slow SD/MMC disks, ureadahead provides *significant*
speed up of the boot (i.e. on the phone enabling ureadahead gained us
5-7seconds faster boots, even on the pandaboard images back in the days
depending on the SD you used it were several seconds)


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