Snappy Confinement and AppArmor

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Wed Feb 25 15:24:59 UTC 2015

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 12:01 PM, Oliver Grawert <ogra at> wrote:
> it iterates over:
> $TMPDIR, $(pwd), /tmp
> if non of these is writeable it throws an error (usually $TMPDIR isnt
> set so you end up with a .$filename.swp file next to the file you
> opened ...)

The default is actually the current directory, even if TMPDIR is set:

$ vi -u NONE -s -e -c "set directory" -c q

Besides convenience, the reasoning follows asac's point: temporary
directories often point to memory or are reset on reboot, which may
render the file unaccessible in crashes, which is one of the main
reasons to have a swap file in the first place.

> that vim package is rather moot anyway, you cant really open files
> anywhere but in $SNAPP_APP_USER_DATA_PATH due to the confinement.
> theoretically this package would need read access to everything ... but
> even then there is the issue that once you sudo the $PATH gets changed
> and you wont find the executable anymore.

That's a case where the package functionality is useful for someone
navigating the filesystem, so as long as we can use it with root or
ubuntu, it's serving its intent I suppose.

gustavo @

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