node-snapper ... some helper I have been working on the recent days

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sun Feb 22 07:36:16 UTC 2015

On 21/02/15 19:51, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> I recently tried to package my first node.js project and found it pretty
> hard to have full multiarch support, so I wrote node-snapper, a little
> tool to provide you all node specific binaries for all architectures in
> an easy way .. enabling you to only care for your javascript code and
> not for all the binaries you need to ship additionally ...

Thanks Ogra this is going to be super-useful for node.js developers on
appliances. Pitti is working on a general framework for many different
kinds of runtime and library, are you chatting with him to extend it to
Node.js as well, using your tools?


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