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Michael Terry michael.terry at canonical.com
Mon Apr 13 21:19:57 UTC 2015

I've not fixed the mir framework packaging to provide an apparmor policy
for clients.  So now you can generate a pure-Mir snap like so:

./make-snap -d 15.04/beta-2 --mir mir_demo_client_fingerpaint

And you'll have a snap that can run with no special permissions (i.e. no
manual review needed).

This doesn't fix the issues with XMir needing root.  But now pure-Mir
clients don't need to be root.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 6:42 PM, Michael Terry <michael.terry at canonical.com>

> *How to generate a framework/service version of unity-system-compositor:*
> bzr branch lp:~mir-team/mir/snappy-packaging
> cd snappy-packaging
> make
> You'll now have a snap in your current directory.
> Once installed, you may control the service with the service name
> mir_system-compositor_0.
> This snap installs a wrapper for consumers to easily connect Mir apps to
> the current running compositor, to be used like:
> /apps/mir/current/bin/mir-run [program] [arguments]
> *How to generate an example xfreerdp program using the above service:*
> bzr branch lp:~mterry/+junk/snappy-preload
> cd snappy-preload
> make
> cd tools
> ./make-snap -d 15.04/beta-2 --aa-profile
> /usr/share/apparmor/easyprof/templates/ubuntu-snappy/1.3/unconfined --xmir
> xfreerdp
> Now you can install this and use it like so:
> sudo /apps/bin/xfreerdp.rdp /u:user /p:password /v:server
> It unfortunately still needs to be run as root (for xorg input to work).
> *Next steps:*
> Get the permissions sorted out, to see how to stop running these
> unconfined / as root.  But everything seems functional!
> --
> -mt

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