Frameworks snaps?

Simon Eisenmann simon at
Wed Nov 11 09:54:41 UTC 2015

Hi Daniel,

Am 11.11.2015 um 10:27 schrieb Daniel Holbach:
>  - Who of you is currently thinking about implementing something
>    in a framework snap? What kind of framework is it going to be?
>  - Have you tried to implement something in a framework? How did
>    you fare?

I am experimenting with Frameworks to essentially extend the Snappy base
system by software and services which lots of snaps require but should
not be included in any and each snap due to update issues and size. The
best example i have for this, is the openssl binary. Many snaps need
this to generate and validate keys and certificates.

The other issue i tied to solve with a framework is the access to system
wide resources, mote notably ports. Eg, a web server framework would
provide ways for other snapps to inject their web service api and end
points via reverse proxy into the framework running the web server.

I was told on IRC that i am kind of abusing the framework concept, but
still these two issues come up on my desk often.

>  - Is there functionality missing for which you'd like to see a
>    framework?
>  - Do you have questions about frameworks?
> Getting feedback on the above questions would be great, as it could be a
> conversation starter and help fixing [2] among other things. :-)

We can have a more detailed discussion in IRC if you like.

Best regards


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