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On 02/23/2017 02:26 PM, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Hi Kyle,
> On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 01:58:07PM -0800, Kyle Fazzari wrote:
>> Hey all.
>> I've received a bug report on a snap where the user was running a 16.10
>> Server install with the snap in question, and getting DNS errors. I've
>> distilled the problem as much as I can but I cannot for the life of me
>> figure out what's happening, so I thought maybe the list could point me
>> in the right direction.
>> Prerequisites
>> =============
>> I have a demo snap (a standalone snapcraft.yaml) that will demonstrate
>> this issue[1].
>> Ubuntu 16.10 Server uses systemd-resolved, which means its
>> /etc/resolv.conf contains a single nameserver:
>>     nameserver
>> If you have others there, comment them out for the time being.
>> Steps to reproduce
>> ==================
>> 1. Build and install the `resolved-test` snap[1]. It exposes two apps,
>> `test` (which is a python2 script uses the requests lib) and `host`
>> which is just the `host` utility from bind9-host.
>> 2. With as the only nameserver, run `resolved-test.test`.
>> Note that it fails with "Name or service not known."
> is a CNAME.  You are hitting bug #1647031,
> which we encountered when trying to roll out systemd-resolved by default for
> 17.04.  This took a while to work through, but the fix has finally landed in
> zesty as of a week ago; we should now SRU the upstream change back to
> yakkety.  (We should also SRU it back to xenial, but xenial needs a more
> complete backport of fixes to resolved, not just a cherry-pick of this one
> fix.)
> Dimitri, could you handle this backport to yakkety?  Since unlike the
> Desktop, Ubuntu Server does not use dnsmasq by default (which would override
> resolved), this is a rather important bug there.

Hey guys, this still seems to be an issue for Yakkety. Any idea of the
timeframe we're looking at for this SRU?

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