Part 2! Request for help / ideas to debug issue

Michael Hudson-Doyle michael.hudson at
Mon Mar 20 00:37:36 UTC 2017

On 14 March 2017 at 23:56, John Lenton <john.lenton at> wrote:

> As a followup, I added a mutex around pthread_create, and around the
> exec syscall, and the problem went away. This all in go's runtime; not
> a huge diff but they probably don't want the overhead (and that seems
> reasonable to me).
> Next I'm going to try to find a kernel person to take a look at this.

Having looked at the kernel a bit, I'm not sure that a mutex is that crazy
an idea :-) Does it impact performance in any noticeable way? clone is
fairly expensive I guess and Go programs only run ~GOMAXPROCS OS threads
anyway.  Would be interested in what any proper people you can round up
would have to say though.


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