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Joseph Rushton Wakeling joseph.wakeling at
Sat Mar 18 11:30:20 UTC 2017

On 18/03/17 02:42, Colin Watson wrote:
> As others have mentioned, this is definitely in our backlog.  It's
> tricky to map the different models together in a way that doesn't end up
> locking people out just because (e.g.) a previous administrator of their
> GitHub organisation once created a snap for a repository and later
> deleted it, but I'm sure we'll get there in the end.

That's great to hear.  I have things set up with Launchpad for now in any case 
(which was a super-friendly experience).

My builds seem to have run into git-clone issues related to my using `git://` 
urls instead of `https://`, but that should be straightforward enough to fix in 
the snap package definition ;-)

> (We actually don't intentionally ask for organisation access at the
> moment; I guess perhaps GitHub does that as part of admin:repo_hook?
> Anyway, it's immaterial since we'll need it eventually.)

Yes, I would guess that GitHub defaults to offering hooks into everything a user 
can access with the option to exclude certain groups from the offering.

> The "Create a new snap package" page in Launchpad allows you to select
> an owner for the snap, which can be yourself or any team you're a member
> of.  This will allow anyone in that team to modify that snap in
> Launchpad (including requesting builds of it).
> You still need to authorise this for upload to the snap store on behalf
> of an individual user, though: the store doesn't have an equivalent of
> organisations.  It's possible (though I don't know the exact details) to
> add other team members as collaborators, allowing them to publish new
> versions of that snap too.

Yes, this is the approach I took, although it would be great at some point if 
snap packages in the store could have actual team ownership.

Minor usability note on that: I added my 'regular' user account as a 
collaborator on the ldc2 snap, but have never uploaded using that account.  The 
snap store insisted that I add a 'unique short namespace' to my account details 
and I was worried that would be used for the published snap instead of that of 
the account that really owns the package.

Thanks & best wishes,

     -- Joe

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