Store - Organizations/Namespaces/Transfer packages

Evan Dandrea evan.dandrea at
Fri Mar 17 09:35:23 UTC 2017

On Thu, 16 Mar 2017 at 19:18 Tim Süberkrüb <tim.sueberkrueb at> wrote:

> > You are correct, this is the best way to handle this situation right
> > now. You can use the + trick (realaddress+alias at in your
> > email address if you don't have a convenient one to use. Once you set it
> > up and assign collaborators, you can proceed with your regular account.

> Okay. I'd personally really love to see something like organization
> accounts (maybe comparable to how GitHub handles organizations) in the
> future because I think this is a common use case.

Hi Tim,

Good timing, we're exploring exactly this. :) There are a few options under
consideration, but all involve letting you treat organisation members as
collaborators on a snap.

Of course we'll announce it here. If you start with a developer account to
hold your organisation identity, you'll be able to transfer over when the
time comes.

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