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Tim Süberkrüb tim.sueberkrueb at
Thu Mar 16 19:17:31 UTC 2017

Hey Michael,

thanks for your reply!

On 16.03.2017 19:22, Michael Hall wrote:
> On 03/16/2017 01:41 PM, Tim Süberkrüb wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> I have some questions about best practices for organizations (like our
>> Liri Project) regarding the store.
>> 1. Accounts:
>> Is it possible to have a "pure" organization account in the store where
>> several people have full or partial access? The only option I can see
>> right now would be someone from the team having to create a new Ubuntu
>> One account (with a yet unregistered email address) who would have full
>> access and could only grant rights to others for every individual
>> package. What is recommended for organizations here/are there plans for
>> the future?
> You are correct, this is the best way to handle this situation right
> now. You can use the + trick (realaddress+alias at in your
> email address if you don't have a convenient one to use. Once you set it
> up and assign collaborators, you can proceed with your regular account.
Okay. I'd personally really love to see something like organization 
accounts (maybe comparable to how GitHub handles organizations) in the 
future because I think this is a common use case.
>> 2. Namespaces:
>> If we'd choose the namespace "liri" and would register a new name in the
>> store "liri-app", what would happen if someone else would try to
>> register that name? Do we own "liri-app" because we were first or would
>> users - in case of multiple "liri-app.<namespace>" packages have to
>> install it using "liri-app.liri"?
> Package names are guaranteed to be unique in the snap store, so if you
> register liri-app then you're the only one who can publish a package by
> that name.
Oh, I see, so I was wrong with my assumptions (probably because I 
thought about how namespaces worked with click). So a snap "namespace" 
is not really a namespace but rather an unique id/name for the developer?
>> 3. Transferring Packages
>> Is it possible to transfer packages from user1 to user2 (or from my
>> personal account to a possible future Liri Account) or would I have to
>> delete the package and create a new one?
> There is a mechanism to dispute the ownership of a package name. You can
> use this to transfer a registered name from one publisher account to
> another.
Okay, great.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Have a nice day,
Tim Süberkrüb

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