Store - Organizations/Namespaces/Transfer packages

Tim Süberkrüb tim.sueberkrueb at
Thu Mar 16 17:41:06 UTC 2017

Hey everyone,

I have some questions about best practices for organizations (like our 
Liri Project) regarding the store.

1. Accounts:

Is it possible to have a "pure" organization account in the store where 
several people have full or partial access? The only option I can see 
right now would be someone from the team having to create a new Ubuntu 
One account (with a yet unregistered email address) who would have full 
access and could only grant rights to others for every individual 
package. What is recommended for organizations here/are there plans for 
the future?

2. Namespaces:

If we'd choose the namespace "liri" and would register a new name in the 
store "liri-app", what would happen if someone else would try to 
register that name? Do we own "liri-app" because we were first or would 
users - in case of multiple "liri-app.<namespace>" packages have to 
install it using "liri-app.liri"?

3. Transferring Packages

Is it possible to transfer packages from user1 to user2 (or from my 
personal account to a possible future Liri Account) or would I have to 
delete the package and create a new one?

Thanks in advance :)

All the best,

Tim Süberkrüb

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