Shared UI Themes

Didier Roche didrocks at
Fri Mar 17 08:06:35 UTC 2017

Le 16/03/2017 à 18:28, Michał Sawicz a écrit :
> W dniu 16.03.2017 o 17:34, Sebastien Bacher pisze:
>> One other issue is that snaps are per-system and theme are
>> per-user-session/desktop. You could have different users login into
>> different desktop environment on your laptop, how do we handle them
>> needing different themes?
> Sounds like we'd need the ability to connect to multiple theme snaps and
> then have the user's environment choose the right one?
> Is it even possible to plug into multiple slots?

AFAIK it's not possible and my last email on the topic (which wasn't the 
first one) didn't get traction: "One snap to connect them all (or: the 
plugin story)".
You can as well have a look at to subscribe and follow 
the status.


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