Snap refresh or new install stuck at 'Run configure hook of "core" snap if present'

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Mar 2 09:01:13 UTC 2017

Am Donnerstag, den 02.03.2017, 01:15 -0700 schrieb Selene Scriven:
> I'm not sure if it's the same thing, but one of my devices got 
> stuck for a while yesterday.  Every snap command got stuck for 
> about 8 minutes, and I found this in the syslog right before that 
> started:
> Mar  1 05:55:33 localhost /usr/lib/snapd/snapd[1371]:
> taskrunner.go:353: DEBUG: Running task 29 on Do: Generate device key
> After that finished, snapd started responding again and other 
> snap commands were able to complete.  Not sure what was on the 
> console at the time.
> I noticed this because my automated tests froze while trying to 
> get in contact with a fresh-flashed device...  ssh was already 
> confirmed to work, and it stopped while attempting to run "snap 
> version".

sounds like

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