Advice for non connected ubuntu-core/snap update scenario

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Thu Mar 2 08:32:04 UTC 2017

On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 8:04 AM, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at> wrote:

> On 01/03/17 15:32, Thibault Jochem wrote:
> > I'm studying the possibility tu use ubuntu-core and snaps as base OS /
> > app framework for embedded computers with no access to internet.
> Yes, we will explicitly support this scenario, and there is quite a lot
> of deep design and engineering work already in place to do so.
> > We can connect to those systems with a maintenance laptop, and I was
> > thinking that this laptop could host a snapd server to push the
> > updates once connected.
> >
> > Is it a good idea or is there a better way to handle such scenario ?
> In a few releases, you should be able to connect a USB stick to the
> device and have it detect the updates, verify signatures on all the
> files, and apply them. No need for an internet connection or maintenance
> laptop. Presenting the updates by USB stick or other attached storage
> will be exactly the same as connecting to the store. Since every update
> is signed, a machine can determine that the updates are valid without
> being online.
> The core structure to support this is designed into snapd and already
> exists, but we haven't prioritised all of the details (things like the
> CLI to trigger the update scan). I expect this will be available during
> the course of the year, is that soon enough for your device? If the
> timing of your device is sensitive then feel free to follow-up off-list.

That's a wonderful news ! It's more of a long term evolution for existing
devices so I will keep an eye on this feature !
(And I'll learn the rope of ubutu-core/snaps on other projects of mine ;) )

Thanks !
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