revoke a gpg key for signing assertions

Nicolino Curalli n.curalli at
Wed Mar 1 15:11:10 UTC 2017


I hit a problem with key registration e deregistration  workflow.

I registered a key for my first assertion, then I received a mail from
Ubuntu store with the command able to  remove a gpg key from backend:

    snapcraft revoke-key name_of_key

This command don't work and produces the following output:

snapcraft revoke-key name_of_key

  snapcraft [options] [--enable-geoip --no-parallel-build]
  snapcraft [options] init
  snapcraft [options] pull [<part> ...]  [--enable-geoip]
  snapcraft [options] build [<part> ...] [--no-parallel-build]
  snapcraft [options] stage [<part> ...]
  snapcraft [options] prime [<part> ...]
  snapcraft [options] strip [<part> ...]
  snapcraft [options] clean [<part> ...] [--step <step>]
  snapcraft [options] snap [<directory> --output <snap-file>]
  snapcraft [options] cleanbuild [--remote=<remote>]
  snapcraft [options] login
  snapcraft [options] logout
  snapcraft [options] list-registered
  snapcraft [options] registered
  snapcraft [options] list-keys
  snapcraft [options] keys
  snapcraft [options] create-key [<key-name>]
  snapcraft [options] register-key [<key-name>]
  snapcraft [options] register <snap-name> [--private]
  snapcraft [options] sign-build <snap-file> [--key-name=<key-name>]
  snapcraft [options] upload <snap-file>
  snapcraft [options] push <snap-file> [--release <channels>]
  snapcraft [options] release <snap-name> <revision> <channel>
  snapcraft [options] status <snap-name> [--series=<series>] [--arch=<arch>]
  snapcraft [options] history <snap-name> [--series=<series>]
  snapcraft [options] close <snap-name> <channel_names>...
  snapcraft [options] list-plugins
  snapcraft [options] plugins
  snapcraft [options] tour [<directory>]
  snapcraft [options] update
  snapcraft [options] gated <snap-name>
  snapcraft [options] validate <snap-name> <validation>...
  snapcraft [options] define <part-name>
  snapcraft [options] search [<query> ...]
  snapcraft [options] enable-ci [<ci-system>] [--refresh]
  snapcraft [options] help (topics | <plugin> | <topic>) [--devel]
  snapcraft (-h | --help)
  snapcraft --version

Snapcraft Launchpad page don't show any bug about this problem.

My question: revoke-key function is implemented?


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