Naming for the Ubuntu Download Manager interface

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Wed Jan 18 14:34:34 UTC 2017

The real issue with download-manager is that it's too general. We all have
several download managers in our systems, so this gives no hint of what
it's really talking about.

We can call it ubuntu-download-manager if that's how the software was
named. Note that part of the rationale of having unity8-contacts and
unity8-calendar named like that was that these interfaces are likely to
change in meaningful and incompatible ways in the near future. If the
download manager is going to be bundled with unity8, it may be wise to do
the same. We can always introduce a more general interface later.. not so
nice to get out of a general interface that doesn't work.

On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 11:47 AM, Mike Sheldon <
michael.sheldon at> wrote:

> Hi all,
>  Currently the interface for UDM (Ubuntu Download Manager) has been
> named unity8-download-manager. It's my understanding that whilst we
> might initially be bundling UDM within the unity8 snap to make the
> first stages of development easier (e.g. so it can talk directly to
> unity8's transfer indicator), the long term plan would be for it to be
> available separately.
>  Having UDM permanently tied to unity8 would seem to add a strong
> disincentive for app developers to make use of it at all, as their apps
> would then no-longer be portable across different desktop environments.
>  As such, I'm wondering if the naming of this interface is perhaps
> misleading?
> Thanks,
>  Mike
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