Please test my asciinema snap

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Jan 18 09:16:45 UTC 2017

Hi folks

(For those of you who Gmail does not filter this email on
as-yet-unexplained-grounds :))

Please could you test my asciinema snap? Asciinema is a console video
recording utility that's great for CLI-diven demos. If you want to make
a quick web video of a CLI / console journey, asciinema is the ticket.

An older version (0.9.8) is in 16.04. The new 1.3.0 version is now a
snap, and it should work on 16.04. I am also interested in feedback on
14.04 for those of you on Trusty steeds who are blazing the
snaps-on-trusty trail.

It's a 'classic-only' snap, so you need:

  sudo snap install --classic asciinema

Then 'asciinema rec' starts a recording session, and you're off to the



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