netplan and post-up/pre-down scripts

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Mon Jan 16 15:35:49 UTC 2017

On 06/01/17 13:12, Mike Pontillo wrote:
>    Long story short: in order to get the behavior I wanted, I wrote a
> custom script that monitors *operational status* (aka physical link
> up/down status), and I launch it using /e/n/i's `post-up`, and bring
> it down using /e/n/i's `pre-down` scripts.
>    Looking at the `netplan` spec[4], I don't see a way to achieve that
> functionality. I know that many people are using the script-callout
> functionality in /e/n/i to achieve what they need to achieve, so it
> seems to me that having this in `netplan` is critical to achieving
> parity with what we have in Xenial with `ifupdown`.
>    In an ideal world, I think `netplan` would be able to model my use
> case out-of-the-box.[5] But since we can't expect to model everyone's
> use case, it seems like custom scripting functionality is a hard
> requirement, though perhaps one that could have tricky cross-platform
> implications.

Would 'got-link' and 'lost-link' be good names for this?


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