Switching to a non-native package

Neal Gompa ngompa13 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 11:24:54 UTC 2017

On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 5:02 AM, Zygmunt Krynicki
<zygmunt.krynicki at canonical.com> wrote:
> I'd like to work on enabling Debian in the CI loop and I was thinking
> that it would be somewhat easier we switched to non-native packaging
> in the upstream tree and similarly switched to quilt in the Debian
> tree (we could have separate packaging trees for sid / stretch if that
> would help). Since my view may be simplistic I would like to ask the
> current most active Debian maintainers of snapd for opinion.
> Right now almost all of the CI in the tree is performed on the
> packaging that is in the tree as well. The notable exception is 14.04
> which has a separate packaging branch. This is unrealistic as the
> Debian packaging tree is widely different and even if we built a
> package from the in-tree debian directory and tested it on a real
> Debian machine the result would not be representative of what a
> subsequent upstream release would look like in Debian.
> I'd like to propose that we remove the debian directory from the
> upstream repository (no special casing) and work on ensuring that
> Ubuntu and subsequently Debian are tested equally well whenever we
> make a pull request.

Splitting it out and using a similar repository structure to what you
had previously for snap-confine would probably be a good move. That
will also make things simpler for integrating in other distributions
later (openSUSE, etc.).

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