Manual update of snap/snapd and core/ubuntu-core

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Wed Jan 11 07:16:49 UTC 2017

Hi Jenny,

On 09/01/17 at 10:28am, Jenny Murphy wrote:
> Hi,
>  My query is related to a few of the recent discussions regarding versions,
> releases and updates/
> I currently have a Snappy Ubuntu system as follows :
> snap --version gives the following result :
>  snap    2.18.1
>  snapd   2.18.1
>  series  16
> more /etc/lsb-release yeilds :
> DISTRIB_ID="Ubuntu Core"
> And finally snap list yields :
> core             16.04.1        641  canonical  --
> I don't see to be  getting any automatic updates which I don't mind about
> as long as I could manually update.
> So just a few questions :
> 1. How can I update snap and snapd

What happens when you type:

$ snap info core

Also, what happens when you type:

$ snap refresh

> 2. Is snap the front end to snapd ? Do they get updated together?


> 3. Can I update snapd and not update ubuntu-core and core.

On an Ubuntu Core system snapd is integral to the device, on a classic system
snapd is an add-on package so in the former case the system and snapd are
updated together.

> 4. Should ubuntu-core and core be updated together also? From the previous
> reply on this topic, it seems core is the framework and ubuntu-core is the
> filesystem or is it vice versa?

ubuntu-core is the old name for core. We renamed this to better reflect that
other cores could be available that are not Ubuntu based. Do you have both of
these installed on your system? In fact, can you give us a full output of:

$ snap list

> I know there are a lot of questions here but it is just a little bit
> unclear to me at the moment. Maybe there are also some other users in the
> same position.
> Thanks,
> Jenny
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