Manual update of snap/snapd and core/ubuntu-core

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Mon Jan 9 10:28:32 UTC 2017

 My query is related to a few of the recent discussions regarding versions,
releases and updates/

I currently have a Snappy Ubuntu system as follows :

snap --version gives the following result :
 snap    2.18.1
 snapd   2.18.1
 series  16

more /etc/lsb-release yeilds :
DISTRIB_ID="Ubuntu Core"

And finally snap list yields :
core             16.04.1        641  canonical  --

I don't see to be  getting any automatic updates which I don't mind about
as long as I could manually update.

So just a few questions :

1. How can I update snap and snapd
2. Is snap the front end to snapd ? Do they get updated together?
3. Can I update snapd and not update ubuntu-core and core.
4. Should ubuntu-core and core be updated together also? From the previous
reply on this topic, it seems core is the framework and ubuntu-core is the
filesystem or is it vice versa?

I know there are a lot of questions here but it is just a little bit
unclear to me at the moment. Maybe there are also some other users in the
same position.


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