Slow snap build on Ubuntu Core device

XiaoGuo Liu xiaoguo.liu at
Tue Jan 10 15:28:44 UTC 2017


Currently, I am try to build armhf snap on Raspberry Pi device. I find that
the build process is extremely slow, and sometimes, it shows that it will
take more than 1 hour to get it down. I cannot set up the VPN on the device
for now. May I know whether there is any way to change the source of the
download on the board?

If I build snap for x86, I can do it on desktop. I can freely choose the
source/mirror of the ubuntu or set up the VPN, the speed is fine for me.
However, on the ubuntu core device, it is truly slow. Attached please find
the captured of the build process in the "classic" app.

Thanks & best regards,

XiaoGuo, Liu
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